ForMe is the new all-Italian brand that was created for the production of entrance door panels.
An idea and concept developed within DFV, a company that has been in the industrial coating and wood effect decoration market for over 40 years.
The company design, using its strong innovative concept, is developing a new business and making the most of the skills, know-how, production technology and widespread presence in Italy and abroad of the company that created it.
The panel, launched by the ForMe company, is a work of ingenious craftsmanship made with materials of the highest quality, manufactured with great precision and great technological innovation enabling industrial production.


The design is inspired by the geometric shapes in nature and seeks precise mathematical proportions and distances between the lines, for a solution which makes the panel harmonious and elegant.
ForMe lets the numbers speak and presents its three collections and a wide range of models and infinite variations: 3000 series, panels with minimalistic lines and inserts; 5000 series, panels with glass and 8000 series, panels with recessed handles.
ForMe chooses to rely on its parter, DFV for a certified and guaranteed coating capable of transferring the emotion of colour and the magic of touch to indestructible aluminium.
Infinite colour solutions ranging from classic and special RAL colours to wood-effect decorations.
For the accessories, the range consists of applied and recessed handles that are decorative as well as being certified products, guaranteeing their functional characteristics.


ForMe launches a collection of high-performance entrance door panels that guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation, thus producing less pollution and considerably increasing energy savings. It also responds to security needs by adopting anti-burglary measures to make the panel more robust and secure.